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X-PLORE Summer Camp

Come join X-Time this summer to X-PLORE a new interest each day of the week, that will keep your mind and body active! Topics will include science and the environment, music and performing arts, a variety of sports, and more! There will be engaging guest speakers, energetic counselors, hands-on activities, and outdoor time! The camp will be held at Copper Creek Church, conveniently located near Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy. Please register below, and we hope to see you this summer!

Scholarships are available. To learn more about scholarship opportunities, please email

Suggested Age: 2nd to 6th Grade, with students younger or older welcome too!

Session One: June 24th to 28th, from 9 am to 12 pm, $150

Session Two: July 22nd to 26th, from 9 am to 12 pm, $150

X-PLORE Summer Camp Registration

Please complete the form below to register for X-PLORE Summer Camp 2024! Once we receive your form, we will be back in touch shortly with more information on next steps.

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Photos from X-PLORE Summer Camp 2023!



“The X-PLORE Summer camp is a true jewel in Urbana-Champaign. This camp provided wonderful art and science experience for children like our granddaughters 9 and 11. Every day they came home full of new experiences, discoveries, and joy. I cannot imagine a better way to expose young girls and boys to science, mixed with art and creative thinking. The overall environment, consisting of dedicated counselors, highly engaged speakers, and supportive camp organizers, made the camp exceptional. Our granddaughters are looking forward to coming back and learn about the next science discoveries and experience new creative activities in X-PLORE Summer camp.” 


“Our experience with X-Time Summer Camp was nothing short of exceptional. From day one, my camper was bubbling with excitement, eagerly sharing tales of the unique and diverse activities she participated in. The camp truly outdid itself with its innovative approach to fun and learning.
My daughter was particularly enthralled with extracting strawberry DNA – an activity I never imagined she’d get to experience at such a young age! The oobleck stress balls and the explosive elephant toothpaste experiment were her absolute favorites. Crafting a fondant-covered donut creation, observing daphnia and bugs under a microscope, and the hands-on experience with real opossums, turtles, and birds were other highlights that she couldn’t stop talking about. The camp’s commitment to enrichment, from robotics to yeast as a catalyst, was evident.
But what truly set X-Time Summer Camp apart were the camp counselors. Their engaging and playful demeanor made every day a joy for the kids. Their ability to connect, inspire, and motivate the campers was evident in every story my daughter shared.
Moreover, the exposure to local experts and the plethora of enrichment activities showcased the camp’s commitment to providing a holistic and enriching summer experience. It’s not just a place to pass the time; it’s a place to grow, learn, and make lasting memories.
In conclusion, X-Time Summer Camp is truly an amazing summer camp, and we are immensely grateful for the unforgettable experience they provided for our child. We can’t wait for next summer!”


“X-Time was such a wonderful experience for my sons. They loved the first session so much, they went back for the second session! The camp counselors made it a fun week for all the campers—encouraging learning, playing and messes! We can’t wait to go back next year.” 

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