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X-PLORE Stations


Would you like to join our network of volunteers and help bring a station to your area? 

Whether you are interested in receiving a station or getting involved as a volunteer, please email us at with your request. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are X-PLORE Stations?

X-PLORE Stations are collections of interactive STEAM materials provided for free by X-Time to child-centered sites: including community and youth centers, public libraries,  crisis centers, and hospitals with pediatric patients.

Each X-PLORE Station is tailored to the specific needs of its community. Many are designed for elementary-aged students. The STEAM resources inside the stations have included LEGO challenges, geometric pattern activities, fort boards, magnetiles and much more. The resources are housed in customized stations, and some sites have monthly classes to accompany the station activities.

While each station is unique, they all foster curiosity and encourage exploration!

X-Time leaders in Panama opening an
X-PLORE Station at a local orphanage.

Where can you find X-PLORE Stations?

The stations started in the Midwest and now reach from coast to coast, as well as internationally from Argentina to Taiwan. We have 30+ X-PLORE Stations with more coming soon!

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X-PLORE Station Map

 X-Time's X-PLORE Stations are in 25+ states and 8 countries including Argentina, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Romania, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan.

We Need Your Support Today!

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